Our Solutions

Future Wave Technologies have developed two solutions that address needs of our Customers in payments and multi activity tracking:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Wearables

Mobile Payments:

We are too familiar with the shopping process and the payment method we use to make payments for our purchases be it at the retail store, mall, online shopping, Cash on delivery or check payments.

Similarly when needing to visit the ATM’s to withdraw money or carry out any transaction, pay utility, hospital bills, make premium payments online or using the IVR method, the common thread is the physical card that needs to be carried or the card number is required to be quoted.

Given the socio economic environment we live in and the almost daily incidents of fraud happening with fraudsters using the credit / debit card for skimming, phishing etc. the security implications are huge.

Here is where Future Wave Technologies will make a huge contribution in enabling payments being made in a safe and secure environment using technology efficiently with minimal change in the Customers process.

Introducing PAYBYTE. The mobile enables payment platform where a Payer and Merchant can make and accept payments using their credit, debit cards, net banking, IMPS and UPI digitally.

All this in a secure environment and in a very seamless manner.

The Customer will no longer need to carry her / his physical card or quote the card number at a mall, online or while making payments at retails stores, utility and hospital bill payments. All that will be required is for the Customer to have a mobile and that is the only device she / he will be required to carry / flash while making payments across entities.



There are times when we faced with unprecedented situations, we feel threatened or uncomfortable and we would like to call for HELP or atleast keep someone informed about the route we traveling and like someone to monitor “US” along the way.

How often have we forgotten a key, wallet, key chain, watch or mobile and either left it back home or at the office and may be sometimes robbed. The usual refrain would be is wish I had someone or some way I could be told that I am about to leave behind my personal important stuff behind or where did I last leave my stuff.

Similarly, for a modern working executive or homemaker busy with work, they would like to be alerted about important calls, SMS, social media updates discreetly and would like to prioritise what calls / sms to attend to. Further with a busy schedule, aa User can call for a taxi, pizza or ambulance with just one –tap of the STAR WEARABLE tag.

At times it could be a patient or parent at home who would need a reminder to take their medicines on time and alert the caregivers that they have not taken their medicines or haven’t taken sufficient water for the day.

Also Users at times would like to alert their loved ones discreetly about situations that include assault, walking through a dark deserted street or feeling uncomfortable walking.

Voila! Here comes Future Wave Technologies to help us in such a predicament and assist us in such situations.

Some of the products that will be developed in the STAR WEARABLES domain:

  1. Proximity tracking
  2. Multi activity trackers
  3. Safety tracking
  4. Home and Office security
  5. Bio and Enviro tracking
  6. Logistics
  7. Auto tracking